Google Expeditions allows the classroom teacher to take students on a virtual field trip.  The students are engaged with virtual reality goggles and the teacher is their guide providing information and guidance about what they view and where they go.  Use this tool to engage students in learning beyond the classroom walls.

We have two kits of 30 student devices and one teacher device necessary to facilitate the learning experience.  The kits come in 3 large cases with all materials necessary.  Our current system for checking out these kits is at the building level.  Your Instructional Coach, Teacher Librarian or Administrator can request the kit for your building.  We hope that by reserving the kits based on building versus individual classroom use, the kits will reach more students.  Based on availability, your building will have the kit checked out for a nine day window.

When the kits are delivered, the EdTech Team will provide a required training for all teachers interested in using the kits during that nine day period the kits are in the building.  Each building will decide how the kits will be used and checked out to individual classrooms. The pickup time for kits will be as early as 7:30 on the last Friday morning of checkout to allow our transfer team enough time to deliver back to ASC.

Your EdTech Team has created a variety of resources to help when you have an Expedition Kit in your classroom or building.

The only way to view all of the content included in an Expedition is by downloading the Google Expedition App in either Google Play or iTunes store.  Below you can search for the general topics and find an overview of the expedition.



Click here to submit your check out request.  You will be emailed a confirmation once your request has been approved.



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