Working with Microsoft on a Chromebook   

“For those who use it and rely on it for work or school, Microsoft Office is an important piece of the Chromebook puzzle. Perhaps now that it looks like all Chromebooks with Play Store access also have Microsoft Office, more people can begin considering making a Chromebook their primary computing device.” ~ by Robby Payne, chromeunboxed. com


If you are one of the many that use Microsoft Office as their platform for creating instructional materials, daily plans, schedules and routines, or just find that you have been using Microsoft for so long that switching to Google “anything” means that you must dive into unknown territory making creativity time consuming and challenging, than this information may be just what you need.  Microsoft recently released an extension for Chrome Browsers that allows for quick access to all of your Office 365 apps. Also, with Android App capabilities, installing Microsoft for Android apps is a breeze and allows for offline work with Microsoft tools.

Steps to using Microsoft on a Chromebook

Step 1:  Move your Documents to OneDrive

Step 1: Install the Office Online Extension for Chrome.

Check out this great article from PCWorld “How to turn Google Chrome into a Microsoft Office-loving browser”

Step 3: Install the Office Apps found in the Google Play Store.  

One of the best features of the Chromebooks that EPS has adopted (besides the stylus with writing features) is the Google Play Store.   Adding the Android Office Apps allows for easy offline use.

If you would like help on any of these steps, please contact your building TOSA.  

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