With greater access to technology also comes the need for educators and parents to work together to help students understand how the digital world works.

A key component of Evergreen’s focus on personalization is ensuring that our schools, students, and staff have equitable access to technology.

EdTech Tutorials & Handouts

Short videos, and handouts on a variety of edtech topics.

Approved Software Tools & Services

A searchable database of EPS approved software and curricular tools.

EdTech Support Staff Building Assignments

EdTech technology curricular support building assignments and contact information.

Library Contact List

Contact information for our Teacher Librarians and Media Assistants.

What’s new in EdTech & Library Support

Hour of Code…

In Mario Mintz's class learning to program begins with creating computer games through Scratch 3.0.  Scratch is a visual way to build code with color blocks.  Mario has the Scratch projects run parallel to traditional programming instruction.  The visual element of...

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Internet Safety: Phishing

Recently many school districts in the area have been the target of email phishing scams. Google has created a short video that provides advice on how to avoid falling victim to this type of internet scam.

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Starting the Year with Technology

This year, unlike years past, we have a device in every student’s hand by week one (or two). We can start the year doing many of the things we learned to do near the end of the year last year.  We can give students opportunities to create, use their voice, and...

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Secondary Student Password Reset

Each August, before the start of the new school year, our Information Technology department resets secondary (Grades 6 - 12) student passwords. We have an established process for students to create a new password from a school district computer, but with the delay of...

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Classroom Tools for Checkout

EPS EdTech is excited to make tools available for checkout and use in your classroom.

Have a great idea for how to integrate these tools in your instruction? Please share, we are working on curating a bank of EPS lessons for implementing these technology tools.

Not sure how these tools can integrate into your curriculum? Need some help getting started or planning for this student learning experience? No problem, EdTech has you covered! Fill out our professional development request or contact your building EdTech TOSA for support. We can help you plan, launch, or coteach a lesson with you.

Professional Learning

EPS EdTech is proud to offer a variety of formats for our staff to access professional learning opportunities.


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