Our world is rapidly changing as a result of access to information and innovation.

What we have learned about brain theory and pedagogy drive us to reevaluate what we can offer our students in preparation. Ultimately we want our students to become strategic, collaborative learning partners, who are innovative and competitive in a global community.

In Evergreen, we strive to create an environment in which students are at the center of their own learning and are intimately involved in defining the learning path. A place where:

• Students are afforded flexibility of time, space and resources to explore learning at a deeper level.

• Teachers challenge students to take risks, unleash their curiosity, and exercise their critical and creative minds.

• Assessment is learning and students are assessed on evidence of mastery of learning targets.

• Students are offered multiple pathways to achieve personal and academic goals.

• Students are afforded flexibility of time, space and resources to explore learning at a deeper level.

• Cultural and community connections are leveraged to engage learners in authentic experiences that have personal meaning and community impact.

• Students are empowered to develop a growth mindset, cultivate habits of work, and engage in rich reflective practice.

This is the type of personalized learning environment that students deserve to experience in Evergreen Public Schools.

“We want our students to become strategic, collaboarative learning partners, who are innovative and competitive in a global community.”

How We Define Personalized Learning

Personalized learning, as defined by the International Association for K12 Online Learning (iNACOL), is “tailoring learning for each student’s strengths, needs, and interests – including enabling student voice and choice in what, how, when, and where they learn – to provide flexibility and support to ensure mastery of the highest standards possible.”

For Evergreen students in a personalized environment, the following elements are essential ways of doing business:

Student Agency

Student voice and choice is supported by opportunities to learn and continually increase their ability to independently engage in the design and direction of their learning.

Access to Learning

A range of technologies, sheltered instruction, and differentiation strategies are used intentionally to remove barriers to learning, enhance experiences, and help students realize their potential.

Four C's



Critical Thinking


Measures of Individual Proficiency

Assessment is approached as learning or as a support for learning. 

Flexible Learning Environments

Students contribute their voice and choice in creating or using physical and virtual learning environments that allow for effective use of time, pace, space, and place. 

Personal Learning Profiles

Students and others work collaboratively to identify, articulate and monitor their own skills, interests, life experiences, aspirations, needs, areas of growth, and goals. PLPs are used to guide learning paths and experiences.

Community and Cultural Resources

Students engage with their communities through learning partnerships, both inside and outside of school, to establish meaningful interactions, address challenges, extend experiences, and connect learning to life. 

What’s New in Personalized Learning

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