We commit to recruiting and retaining a highly qualified, diverse workforce.

The EPS New Educator Program matches each new-to-teaching teacher with an EPS mentor. Teachers rely on their mentors to encourage, guide, advise, listen, and support them through their first years of teaching.

The EPS New Educator Program is partially supported by funds from the BEST Program to provide:

  • Resources, coaching, and professional learning opportunities to enhance comprehensive learning systems that foster equitable systems for all learners.
  • Support, encouragement and mentoring for first and second-year teachers in order to strengthen their instructional skills and to retain competent teachers in the profession.
  • Release time for mentees to observe best instructional practice with their mentors.
  • Stipends for first and second year teachers, and New Educator Mentors who have other district roles to support time for conversations outside the typical contract day.

This new model will provide more comprehensive support for our new teachers:

  • A District Mentor will be assigned to each of our new (first year) teachers. Due to the specialized needs of certain positions, some Special Education, Dual Immersion, CCTE and ELL first year teachers may be supported by a Program Mentor other than an EPS New Educator Mentor.
  • Building Instructional Coaches will provide mentoring support for second year teachers.

Professional Learning that focuses on knowledge and skills for effective and equitable teaching practices is available through both EPS Professional Development and ESD 112 for all first and second year educators at no cost. Clock hours are offered for all courses.

For details about BEST Program requirements, course offerings, and compensation click here.

“When we set up our novice teachers for success, we set up their students for success” 

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