Residency experiences are designed specifically to support our journey into Personalized Learning; learning that matters for staff and for kids.

Residencies provide a truly job-embedded learning experience for staff, by establishing a year-long structure for side-by-side planning, coaching and modeling with an expert in the field of learning design.

Residency schools serve as learning labs for teachers, coaches and administrators from the resident school, as well as other interested learners, giving first-hand examples of strategies and structures to apply in their own classrooms and schools. Residency experiences are planned and designed specifically with the Resident school in mind, meeting them where they are and moving them forward to meet their specific community’s needs.

Built around strategic application of the EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning in the context of learning design, Residency Professional Development includes: collaborative planning for teachers and building leadership; fishbowl learning lab experiences for teachers, coaches and administrators; demo lessons, observation and feedback cycles, and coaching support.

See what’s new in our residency schools!

Image Elementary Residency

Building the Essentials of Personalization

Residency with Jennifer LaGarde and Kristin Ziemke

This week, we had two fantastic educators supporting the great work of Evergreen Public Schools in our buildings.  Kristin Ziemke celebrates innovative learning practices where thinking is at the heart of the curriculum. Author of Amplify: Digital Teaching and...

Mountain View High School Residency

Beginning: Working through the Tough QuestionsWHY PBL??Mid-year: PBL Teacher Presentations Highlight Project Examples with Labeled...

Sifton’s Residency Visit with Kristin Ziemke

  Last week the staff and students at Sifton Elementary had teacher and author Kristin Ziemke in the building working with staff and...

Endeavour Elementary Residency

Combining Tech with Traditional Tools for High Engagement

Sifton Elementary Residency

A Focus on Best Practices in Literacy During Kristin's model lesson in a third grade classroom, she worked with the students on how to "View to Learn". Kristin modeled for the students how they could track their thinking while viewing a video. Check out the anchor...

York Elementary Residency

A Focus on Authenticity and "Makes" that Matter A Conversation with Dawn Harris and Alex Schiewe Teachers spending the time to ensure that their belief systems are in place, and in line with best instructional...

Harmony Elementary Residency

Planning Engaging Units of Learning From seed, to blossom, to pumpkin... Harmony brings integration and authenticity to their kinder science unit. Technology enables third grade students in Tiffany Webb's classroom to come face-to-face with The Private Life of an...

Orchards Elementary Residency

Emily Humphrey, Associate Principal, talks about Residency Impact for Teachers and Kids

Frontier Middle School Residency

Frontier teachers determining topics and tasks that are worthy of students' time and effort. Long-term Learning Targets and Intentional Planning Positively Impact Student...

Riverview Elementary Residency

Helping Kids Understand that They Can Make a Difference in the World! Residency Teachers learning together about Sheltered Instruction strategies that support all learners.Teachers working to solidify ideas through discussion, including "turn and talk" strategies....

Evergreen High School Residency

Cris Tovani models conferring - kid by kid

Union High School Residency

Teaching Students to Inquire Students as founders of their own new understandings: "Based on the research that I'm doing, what questions do I have now?"

Ellsworth Elementary Residency

Thinking through Productive Dispositions and Behaviors: What does that mean for us and our students day to day? Ellsworth staff discussing Graham Fletcher's "The Progression of Early Number and Counting" video, and the implications for teaching. "Remember, the...

Mill Plain Elementary Residency

Aligning Brain, Heart and Gut: If I believe that learning is more than academic, what would it look like in our classrooms? How do we establish (math) empowerment for girls from the very beginning? How do we foster a growth mindset? How do we shelter instruction in...

Crestline Elementary Residency

Writer's Workshop: A Focus on Learning Targets Pam Knowles kinder students focus on "Ear Spelling" as they write about what matters to...

Heritage High School Residency

Planning a compelling unit of study with the "4 T's" - Topic, Task, Targets, Text

HeLa High School Residency

A Conversation with Instructional Coach Julia Brigg

All residency experiences are designed to take a building where they are, and move them forward to meet their specific community’s needs.

2018-19 Residency Schools

Learning Design for Personalizing in the Workshop

Burton, Crestline, Pioneer, York

Covington, Frontier, Shahala, Wy’east


Learning Design with Technology in the Workshop

Fircrest, Fisher’s Landing, Hearthwood, Image, Sifton

Learning Design for Project Based Learning in the Workshop

Harmony, Image

Mountain View

Learning Design for Math in the Workshop

Burnt Bridge Creek, Columbia Valley, Ellsworth, Fisher’s Landing, Mill Plain, Silver Star

Learning Design with a Focus on Sheltered Instruction in the Workshop

Endeavour, Marrion, Orchards, Riverview

2017-18 Residency Schools

Learning Design for Personalizing in the Workshop

Learning Design with Technology in the Workshop

Learning Design for Project Based Learning in the Workshop

Learning Design for Math in the Workshop

Learning Design with a Focus on Sheltered Instruction in the Workshop

Teacher Librarians & Jennifer LaGarde

Teacher Librarians Working with Jennifer LaGarde

We are happy to share that Jennifer LaGarde will be working with us this year helping to support the work of our Teacher Librarians. Jennifer is a nationally recognized school librarian and she works with school districts around the country providing professional development and planning support. We are excited to have Jennifer working with us throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Jennifer LaGarde Session Agendas

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