Save the Date – Hour of Code December 4th – 10th

Wednesday, November 16, 2017
By Debra Hernanz

Sylvia Duckworth wears many hats, teacher, tech, avid Sketchnoter (something I also want to explore) and more. She is one of those really cool people who shares for FREE the amazing resources she creates. She just asks to please keep her name on the work. Her websites are a rabbit hole of inspiration and ideas. If you take a peek make sure you set some time aside. You will be engaged for awhile.

The Hour of Code 2017 is happening in December (4th through the 10th). Sylvia’s website was a resource for an infographic regarding coding. Hour of Code is a global learning event designed to introduce coding to people. The need to create a workforce designed to meet 21st century skill sets is a reality. More importantly, coding literacy may eventually be as fundamental as conventional reading & writing literacy to share ideas, question, and problem solve.

Here are some ways you can dip your toe into coding:

Making Ozobots dance with color coding at Orchards Elementary.

Coding Apps on Class LinkKhan Academy and

Programmable Robots: Beebots, Ozobots and Spheros









Also approved by the District is Scratch a free program developed by MIT.  They’ve paired up with the Googleverse to connect others with coding.

Creating a presentation on invasive species with Scratch Coding at Orchards Elementary

Hour of Code can be a jump start to an activity spread out over time as part of a personalized learning plan, blending purposeful learning with best practices. The Ed Tech Department has worked to provide access across the K-12 spectrum. Robotics with Beebots to Ozobots and Spheros. There are apps located in Class Link such as Khan Academy and Code.Org where classes are rostered and learning is self paced. The important first step is to make a choice to try and see where it leads you and your students. Ed Tech TOSAs are here to support you along the way.



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