Watching YouTube Safely in the Classroom

Teachers have asked how to view YouTube Videos with their students while avoiding distracting ads, or exposure to what may be considered inappropriate content and/or comments.  To create an example to share I chose a Ted-Ed Video on YouTube that is a riddle. 

I want to share it whole class and give the students access in Google Classroom so they can review the clues as they solve the riddle.  I have edited the answer portion out of the video to keep them focused on the task.  I’ve also installed Ad Remover for Google Chrome to block additional ads that may “pop up” in the video.


Here are 2 different ways you can edit and show Youtube videos for your classroom:

1.)  Show the video through

Safeyoutube is free and does not require you to register. You can edit a clip’s start and end time. I tested the website’s link and it works with Evergreen Student Accounts.  It has an informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that answers practical questions and is easy to learn.  You can view the video I made to show how it works and give it a try yourself.

2.)  Insert the video into a Google Slide

When you insert the a video into a Google Slide you also have the ability to edit the start and end time of the video.  Since Youtube, Google Slides and Google Classroom are all part of the GSuite for Education Ecosystem the process blends seamlessly together.  Please take a look at the video I made to see how this works and give it a try yourself.

YouTube is too powerful a resource to ignore for learning and teaching. There are tools and ways to stop the default ads, suggested videos and comments so we spend our time focused on learning.  Your Ed Tech TOSAs are here to support you.  

Lastly, I used the programs Loom and WeVideo to create the videos you watched.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can create your own screen casts for instruction.

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