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Now that all classrooms are 1:1 at Evergreen this is a good time to revisit the powerful learning tool SeeSaw.





With SeeSaw teachers and students can use technology to create purposeful and authentic tasks for learning.  Today we will cover some key basics of SeeSaw and include resources that even the seasoned SeeSaw teacher will find useful.  

SeeSaw is not a curriculum.  It is an electronic learning journal that works with iPads and Chromebooks. Imagine you have a notebook where you can write, takes pictures, videos, and record your voice.  

Student Expectations & Digital Citizenship

Regardless of whether the tool is a paper notebook or an electronic device expectations for how the tool is used gives students guidance and in this case blends digital citizenship.  SeeSaw has created different sets of expectations for teachers to share with their classes they are simple and to the point.  

Getting Started Guides

SeeSaw has created a series of Getting Started Guides for each grade level.  The guides come with lessons and task cards that blend a learning activity with navigating SeeSaw.  


Accessing SeeSaw

Because SeeSaw is a District approved, premium paid application your class is already rostered into the program.  To access click on the SeeSaw icon in Classlink.  You will find your class and students all set up.  

Plan an Activity:  What do you want the students to learn and share?

The Activities Library is a good place to begin until you are ready to create your own.  For those wanting to customize or create your own activities  the SeeSaw Help Center has a walkthrough and  included is a google doc of  SeeSaw icons for planning.  Chat with an Edtech TOSA to support with planning an activity.

Launch the Class

You have shared your classroom expectations and planned an activity all there is left to do is get your class going! If you want an extra teacher to close the loop have an Ed Tech TOSA come support. 

Daily Routine

Learning by doing is key to the success with SeeSaw. Make it part of your daily routine.  

The SeeSaw Help Center also has an activity section with teacher created activities and ideas.  


Empower your students to learn create and share on SeeSaw.  Here are some Grade 3 students sharing their learning about Forces & Motion.

 As always your Edtech TOSAs are here to support you.

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