Spring Forward with Google Expeditions


It’s hard to believe but Spring Break is just around the corner!  The calendar for the 2018-2019 school year has been published and while there is still lots of learning to accomplish teachers also have an eye on planning for the future. 

A suggestion to think about for next year is connecting content with virtual field trips through Google Expeditions.  With Google Expeditions you can visit many places without leaving your classroom.  Whether it’s a rainforest, space station or museum you feel as though you are part of the virtual reality of the program. 

Shark diving with Google Expeditions

With Google Expeditions curiosity and engagement increases with the virtual field trip experience.  Google Expeditions gives your students the chance to visualize concepts.  Children can safely explore places they could not because of economics, time or logistics. Empathy and understanding results as children feel literally they are in the shoes of an observer in the environment.  

While it’s a lot of fun to explore space or travel to other exotic places best practices are still remembered as we take time to pause and reflect on our observations.  Students take the time to fill out a See, Think, Wonder Chart or Turn and Talk about what’s happening in the moment.  

Making observations & recording ideas


Your Ed Tech TOSAs are here to help with the nuts and bolts of operating an expedition and support instruction with your students.  


The Techy Coach


While the Expeditions are booked out for this year stay tuned for when the 2018-2019 calendar is released.  Your EdTech TOSAs are here to support you.



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