How Screencasting Can Personalize Learning

At Harmony Elementary Teacher Librarian Michael Bailey wanted to make sure students didn’t miss out on a lesson while he was in a PLC planning session.  He decided to use the Google Chrome Extension Loom to screencast a Chromebook and show the children how to mark favorite books in Destiny Discover.  With a video recording Michael gave his students the chance process and review on an as needed basis.  Kids are empowered to rewatch and learn independently until they master the task.   Teachers are also empowered as they create a video archive of content tailored to students’ needs.



Loom is a video screen recorder available in the Chrome Webstore.  It’s free, simple to use and has it’s own editing features.   There are lot’s of teaching possibilities with screen recording; subplans, instructional videos, presentations, flipped classroom are just a few.  How can you see screencasting transforming your teaching and learning?



Contact your EdTech TOSA if you want support with how Loom can benefit instruction and empower your students.  Just click on a name to connect!



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