At Harmony Elementary School Terry Lamp’s Third Grade Class have been studying cultures.  While students have been hard at work with their own culture projects Terry is also providing an interactive experience to give the children more perspective on what makes up culture.  Through friends Terry was able to connect with a School in Benin, Africa.  Terry wanted a way for the two classes to meet so we set up a video conference.  Because of the time difference between the two countries students in Terry’s class came to school at 7am to meet their new friends.  Terry worked with the school to have two whole class video conferences.   This gave the children time to get to know one another, share and ask general questions.

To continue the connection we decided to use the video discussion platform Flipgrid.  Students could then continue the conversations and deepen their knowledge about one another and their lives.

While they live thousands of miles apart the children are discovering how similar they really are.


To learn more about video conferencing or ways Flipgrid can enhance your students’ learning contact your Edtech TOSA.





🌍 Connecting Cultures in Third Grade

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